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The Mr. Belts Story

We are just two blokes from Brisbane, Australia trying to bring comfy elastic belts into the mainstream. It all started a few years ago when Andrew was given an elastic belt by his brother. Andrew was instantly converted into a stretchy belt fanatic, he never went back to wearing an old uncomfortable leather belt. Most people he talked to had never considered wearing an elastic belt, which is crazy considering how great they are. So it dawned on him that it was his duty to spread the stretchy belt gospel. And so Mr. Belts was born, with one mission - to bring comfortable belts to the world!

Montgomery Belts

The legend of Montgomery Belts, aka Monty or Mr. Belts, is shrouded in mystery. Some historians say he originates from England around the mid1800s. Others argue that he doesn't exist at all. They say Mr. Belts is simply a figment of imagination, born out of someone's troubled mind, triggered by a mental breakdown during the totally uneventful year of 2020.

What we do know about Monty is that he is a connoisseur of comfort, as well as a prolific collector of belts. One might call him the Indiana Jones of comfortable belts. Virtually traversing the entire globe, Monty has sourced the most comfortable and stylish belts. Now it appears, he is willing to share his private collection.


Montgomery Belts with his dog 'Top Hat', circa 1916.