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Why Stretchy Elastic Belts are the Best Belts

How is an elastic belt different?
The big difference between elastic belts and ordinary belts is that the straps are made with stretchy elastic material instead of unforgiving leather. There are two main forms of elastic: webbing and elastic cord (braided). The most common types of stretch belts are braided elastic belts. Mr.Belts stretch belts are made with woven elastic, which is great quality and doesn't look like a bloody luggage strap (we are looking at you elastic webbing belts).

What are the advantages of elastic belts?
The main advantages to wearing an elastic belt include:
  • Elastic stretches, means less pressure on the abdomen, providing “give” that maximises comfort.
  • Stretchy belts grip the waist better, ya know, keeping your pants up.
  • The belt flexes with movement, causing no restriction of motion or digging into your waist.
  • Elastic does not weigh a lot, keeping belts light and mobile.
  • No belt holes means a perfect fit (*cough* regardless of waist size fluctuations *cough*).
  • Style! There are way more colour options and combinations then with boring traditional belts.

Who are elastic belts for?
Stretch belts are very comfortable, stylish, and functional, so literally anyone who wears a belt would benefit from wearing a stretchy one. They are great for people that move a lot or sit all day, from golfing to sitting at your desk, do it in comfort.

Why wouldn’t you want an elastic belt?
If you’ve read this far and still aren’t convinced, then maybe you just like being uncomfortable, you barbarian. Fortunately, we also offer a comfort guarantee, try it and if you still don't like it send it back! Regardless of where you get one, you need to experience stretchy belt enlightenment!