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The Origins of the Elastic Belt

The first belts date back to Egyptian times, and for thousands of years belts have remained unchanged. That is until Montgomery Belts invented the first elastic belt, a fact frequently disputed by belt historians. The details of Monty's invention are shrouded in mystery, mostly due to the fact that he was belligerently drunk during his light bulb moment. 

What we do know is that, on a rainy night in London 1864, Monty headed out to the local pub. Witness accounts state that a fight broke out between Monty and 8 workers from the Messrs Perry & Co rubber factory. Monty, in the course of beating the 8 men unconscious, broke his traditional leather belt. Being a true MacGyver, he picked up a piece of elastic band from one of the defeated men and affixed it upon his waist and proceeded to stumble home victorious. On this night the elastic belt was born! 

Monty has since refined the concept to what you see here today, a truly sophisticated and comfortable belts. Get your ass to our store and own a piece of made up history. Let Monty's spirit caress your waist!